Bridge Con-Vey Cuber; Md#HDCC22

Bridge Con-Vey Cuber; Md#HDCC22

Lake City, PA

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Bridge Con-Vey cuber/macerator is a heavy-duty, continuous inline, single-pass tenderizer allowing for scoring portions of solid servings of meat and poultry with large-diameter top and bottom blades for deep penetration. This tenderizer is specifically designed to be incredibly hygienic.This tenderizer has 22" wide product area and the depth of the penetration is adjustable. The unit is hydraulic and has the following features Stainless steel T-304 construction Stainless steel sprockets and gears Nickel-plated chain Inline continuous flow design Approximately 50′ per minute belt speed Top and bottom penetration into product 3 ¾” diameter stainless tenderizing blades Dual tenderizing blades mounted on a 1.5″ diameter shaft .3″ spacing between knife blades Hinged safety guarding over tenderizing blade assemblies Safety interlocks on guards Adjustable blade cutting depth Tenderizing blade assemblies removable for easy cleaning Portable Glass bead-blast frame Polished finish on access panels S/N 27822-EN. FOB Lake City, PA.


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