Treif Dicer, Md# 1020

Treif Dicer, Md# 1020

Lake City, PA

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Treif dicer is a semi-automatic dicer/strip cutter ideal from making cubes or julienne strips from most types of meat and cheese. Rated capacity of 1800 Kgs per hour, with a feed chamber that is 550 mm (21.65") Long. Maximum cut off 32 mm and minimum cutoff is .5 mm. This unit is presently set up with 12 mm (.475") cutting assembly grids are available from the manufacture in a variety of sizes from 4 mm to 48 mm. Presently set up with (9) blades on the cross cut assembly for approximately a 3/8" x 1/2" dice size. Unit is 220/440 volt, 21.3/11.4 amp.


Stock Number17419
CategoryFood Preparation
SubcategorySize Reduction / Dicers