Carruthers Two-Dimensional Slicer; Md#AE5000

Carruthers Two-Dimensional Slicer; Md#AE5000

Lake City, PA

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The Carruthers AE5000 is a two-dimensional dicer of whole muscle, cooked or fresh log meats and other products that leaves natural height of product as third dimension. Also known as a meat dicer, this model provides slicing, dicing, and strip cutting capability all on one unit. Consistent portions Designed to handle the most delicate or toughest proteins, our patented cutting action doesn’t rip or tear the product, resulting in minimal fines for the best quality cut. Large feed opening Processes product up to 5â€_x009d_ in height at any length without the need for pre-cutting. From primal cuts to full size deli logs, 5000 model can strip, steak, cube or dice nearly any fresh or cooked product. Maximizes yields Gentle feeding and discharging keeps moisture in the product which minimizes breakage and maximizes dice yields. From whole leaf lettuce and melons to injected cooked chicken, product flows continuously and smoothly for the best possible appearance and cut. Handles tough applications Tough, fatty products with sinew or gristle such as beef brisket, beef silverside, beef top rounds, or cooked meats are no problem for the AE5000 series. Finished product is clean cut with no connective pieces, no loss of structure, and no moisture loss. The dicers/slicers is capable of processing chilled product down to 25° F, fresh product at refrigerated temperatures or fully cooked product right from the oven. There is no need to chill or temper the meat in order to dice/slice effectively. 20"w 5'L slicer w/ electric drive missing belt


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