GMC Tu-Way Cheese Block Cutter; Md#C-1

GMC Tu-Way Cheese Block Cutter; Md#C-1

Lake City, PA

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Designed to automatically cut smaller portions from blocks of wire cut-able cheese for packaging, shredding, dicing, mixing, melting, and grinding. The standard Tu-Way can handle a block of cheese up to 7 Thick x 9" Wide x 15 "Long. The Tu-Way is safe and economical to operate. The operator opens the safety door and puts the cheese block onto the cutting platen. The safety door is closed and the start lever is pushed. The cheese will automatically go through a vertical wire harp,then through a horizontal wire harp, presently set up for four sections with wire spaced at 4.5" on the ends and 3.5" in the centers.Sliced cheese slides onto a discharge chute ready to package or move to other processes. This is done in less than a minute. The Tu-Way operates with 4 CFM of air at 80 PSI. The unit is 110V, single phase. FOB Lake City, PA.


Stock Number19276
CategoryFood Preparation
SubcategorySize Reduction / Dicers