VC999 Single Chamber Vacuum Packager, Md#07DKN

VC999 Single Chamber Vacuum Packager, Md#07DKN

Lake City, PA

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The VC999 07DK single chamber vacuum packaging is a genuine production machine; large capacity, high performance, robust construction, and easy to use. With 07DK, automated vacuum packaging is possible with products of all shapes and sizes. The pump unit, consisting of a rotary vane pump is fully integrated into the machine. The 07DK is designed for safety, hygiene, and easy maintenance. With its automatic discharge system, it produces an extremely high vacuum that is 99.9% airtight. It seals the bag hermetically with a double sealed seam, even where there are folds, detaching the overhang of the bag at the same time. It is micro processor controlled. The chamber is 37" x 17" x 3" deep and has (3) seal bars. The unit is 208V, 3 Phase.


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