Scandivac Thermoforming Vacuum Packager; Md#APM2500

Scandivac Thermoforming Vacuum Packager; Md#APM2500

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Thermoforming is a manufacturing process, where the package is made at the same time the product is packaged. The film, as a packaging material, is heated up to the forming temperature and formed with the help of air and vacuum in a special mould, gaining the form needed for the package of the product. In the process of thermoforming, the package is made with the same machine, where at the same time the product is loaded. It is possible to synchronize thermoforming machines with other devices, for example, with labeller, which straight after the sealing of packages sticks a label on them. The technology of thermoforming can be used for packing small parties of food, as well as the part of a big process of product packaging. Solid stainless steel frame, for safe transportation and for strengthening of systems and mechanisms. Freely variable distance between molds, giving a possibility to use dies with different cut-off lengths. Durable gripper chain guides casing. 4 or 6 point independent lifting mechanisms for dies with pneumatic drive and grease lubrication from a central location. Made from stainless steel and its moving elements are connected with bearings. All SCANDIVAC machines are equipped with servo drive system for gripper chain. Most of the spare parts are freely available on the market. Upper Film Width 320 & 420 mm Upper Film Thickness Up to 100 microns Lower Film Thickness Up to 400 microns Max Forming Depth Up to 100 mm Max Loading Area 800 mm Max Cycles/min. Up to 10 Compressed Air 6 bar Machine Dimensions 3000x1100x1780 mm Price quoted is for the following tooling Outside Dimensions 270x133.33 mm (3 packages/cycle) Inside Dimensions 252 x 118.33 mm Forming Depth Up to 120 mm Bottom & sides of package Smooth Other toolings are also available. Price for different & specific tooling will be quoted accordingly.


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