Key Technologies Iso-Flow Vibratory Conveyor

Key Technologies Iso-Flow Vibratory Conveyor

Lake City, PA

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The stainless steel Iso-Drive reduces corrosion compared to traditional cast mild steel drives. Iso-Flo shakers also feature a patented removable slide gate that allows for easy and thorough cleaning. Key designs & manufactures Iso-Flo to satisfy the most stringent sanitation demands, meeting 3A Dairy Sanitary Standards, USDA and FDA requirements. Iso-Flo uses independent, frame-mounted drive and spring arm assemblies that distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor bed in a controlled natural-frequency operation. This operating principle minimizes vibration transferred to the structural support, reducing the cost of installation. This design also reduces energy consumption, maintenance, and offers quiet operation. This unit is all stainless steel on casters with 23" wide and 7' long bed. This is a ceiling mount unit with 4 mounting fixtures. No controls. FOB Lake City, PA.


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