Handtmann Portion Separator; Md#GMP 99-2

Handtmann Portion Separator; Md#GMP 99-2

Lake City, PA

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The GMD 99-2 in combination with a VF 600 can be used as a synchronized portion separator for freely extruded product flows. Filling flows from filling tubes or other extrusion nozzles are directly separated into the desired individual portions. Examples are cevapcici, rib burgers, fruit paste, marzipan.

·        High production output with excellent weight accuracy of 1 %

·        Ground meat production with maximum production hygiene and high quality standards

·        Can be used flexibly in a variety of applications, either with or without paper

·        Processing of ground meat, cevapcici, meat loaf, marzipan, and more

·        Automation options through to packaging, such as tray depositors, thermo-forming machines and weighing systems

Built 2014. FOB Lake City, PA.


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