Lyco Hydro-Flow Pouch Cooler System,

Lyco Hydro-Flow Pouch Cooler System,

Lake City, PA

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Complete pouch chilling system utilizing two Lyco 72" x 28' Hydro Pouch Chillers w/Belt Discharge, Chillers are set up for feeding hot pouches via conveyor system (12" x 16' incline) & Fortress Phantom metal detector (12" x 6" aperture) to first Lyco Chiller and then transfered to second Lyco.

Product enters the cylinder through an open throat, water-cushioned entry design that keeps pouches safely handled while being cooled. As they proceed through the rotary drum cylinder, the pouches/tubs are totally submerged in water, then gently stirred using proprietary Hydro-Flow® technology. Hydro-Flow agitation keeps pouches suspended in motion which cools 40% faster than sitting statically on a belt conveyor. This method ensures product is quickly cooled all the way through to the center of the package. Chillers are designed for belt discharge. Product is discharge on to FMC Foodtech Vibratory shaker, 48" w x 10' long, Md #Ultra, S/N 1, (dual .35 HP drives). Each chiller includes Chester Jensen Plate Heat Exchange, (size M466F8S 48 51 & 48 101), set of filtration canisters for chilled water, (3) FPZ Effepizala 15 HP blower systems used in the HYDRO chilling process. Stainless steel piping for blower system is included. Single PLC driven control panel with A/B operator interface is control for entire system. Manuals included.


ManufacturerLyco Pouch Chill System with (2) 72" x 28' Hydro Chillers belt discharge, feed conveyors w/metal dection, filtration, & Chester Jensen Heat Exchange
ModelHydro-Flow 8600, 72" x 28'
Serial NumberRDB 0207 46747 & RBC-0207-46744
Stock Number20155