Gator Drum Management System; Qty:2 Base Modules

Gator Drum Management System; Qty:2 Base Modules

Lake City, PA

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The Drum Management System is a space-saving, stackable design that stores up to four 30- and/or 55-gallon (110- and/or 200-L) drums of Class 1B or 1C flammables and combustibles or non-hazardous liquids. 100% molded polyethylene construction provides maximum chemical resistance—preventing corrosion, deterioration and leaks. Molded-in drum lock-channels hold drums in place. 

The Base Module holds two drums with a 3060-lb (1388-kg) total load capacity. Easily relocate the base module with a forklift when empty. The 66-gallon (250-L) open-view containment sump makes it easy to spot any spills for a quick cleanup. There are two base modules. FOB Lake City, PA. price is for both units.


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