Econoseal Carton Sealer; Md#Spartan 7512

Econoseal Carton Sealer; Md#Spartan 7512

Lake City, PA

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The Econoseal model Spartan 7512 cartoner is a manual load cartoner designed for reliable performance on a constantly demanding, moderate speed production line. Indexing accuracy and simplified electrical control circuitry is provided 3/4HP motor (220V, single phase) with a clutch/brake and gearbox arrangement. The vacuum arm and minor dust flap tuckers operation is provided by a low maintenance pneumatic system. Maximum carton size: Length 8" (direction of chain travel) x 12" deep (direction of push) x 1.5" high. Cartoner uses glue wheels to seal flaps. There are four additional dies; (2) with 10.5"16" and (2) with 9"x14" dimensions. FOB Lake City, PA.


ModelSpartan 7512
Serial Number7921
Stock Number20206