Grote Modular Slicer, Single Lane; Md#SNP-505


Grote Modular Slicer, Single Lane; Md#SNP-505

Lake City, PA


Grote's SNP-505 Slicer is ideal for single lane targeting applications, such as sandwich lines. It slices and applies product slices directly onto a moving target, such as a bun or tray, as it passes beneath. Cutting area is 5" x 5". Production rates are adjustable up to 120 strokes per minute. Product logs may be continuously loaded into the product holder while the machine is in operation. With its cantilevered design, the SNP-505 is set directly over your production line. This design allows the slicing head to move to the desired height, and the frame can be reversed for left-hand or right-hand operation. Product may be inserted continuously while the machine is in operation. Product is sliced by the disposable blade.

Accuband blade Adjustable speed up to 120 strokes per minute

Target and bulk slice modes

5" x 5" (127 x 127mm) cutting area

Variable slice thickness up to 3/8" 26" tall product holder

Adjustable deposit height

Cantilevered frame with pedestal base

Stainless steel construction

All electric drive

Emergency stop button

Locking casters

Blade motor 3/4 H.P.

Electrical requirements 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase

Gravity feed product method. Currently set up with a cluster of five round chutes with 1-5/8" ID. FOB Lake City, PA.


Serial Number1089804
Stock Number20208