Equipment Exchange Company offers reconditioned bakery equipment that overcomes many of the most common challenges faced during food mixing, such as a sanitary design and the consistency of product flow. Our used bakery equipment comes from brand names you know and trust, such as APV, Moline, Baker Perkins, Oakes, Hobart, and Baxter. EEC’s best-selling reconditioned bakery equipment includes industrial rotating gas ovens, stainless steel and aluminum bakery racks, continuous and vertical mixers, dry seasoning applicators, and cluster busters among others.

Our products are also capable of retaining control over the temperature and transfer of your food materials during the process. The baking process is a diverse one, and it can involve everything from choppers and fryers to vacuum stuffers and fillers. Along with our primary used baking equipment, EEC supplies products related to the baking process, including slicers, kettles, injectors, conveyors, vat dumpers, batter breading machines, and additional equipment for cooking, freezing, packaging, and support.

Equipment Exchange Company carries an extensive line of refurbished blenders that are specifically designed for large-batch food processing. With years of reconditioning food processing equipment under our belt, our company specializes in re-manufacturing these units with agitator assemblies and safety interlock systems. Our products arrive ready to run any blended food products you require. We supply a wide array of used mixers and blenders from leading manufacturers like Blentech, FPEC, Mepaco, and A-One. Explore our full inventory of used bakery equipment below and find the right product to improve your operation today.

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Equipment Exchange Company has you covered. Our three staff appraisers are members of the Equipment Appraisers Association of North America (EAANA) and each hold current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) status. Our appraisals are fee-based, depending on the scope of your project. 

EEC focuses on industrial food processing machinery and related support equipment. We take the time to make sure all appraisal reports are developed and USPAP compliant. Value considerations will be based on the intended users’ needs and intended use of the appraisal report.

Our company is dedicated to continuing our education to achieve senior appraisal status within a number of associations. We are proud to participate in ongoing appraisal education via EAANA and the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.