Apple International Transfer Pump; Md#TP1750

  • Manufacturer: Apple Food System
  • Model: TP1750; Built 2011
  • Item #: 19822
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The new TP1750 transfer pump is built to the same high standards as our proven range of METERITE depositors. It is constructed throughout in Stainless Steel, fully pneumatic in operation and capable of pumping 2.1 tonnes per hour at 20 cycles per minute. Whisper quiet in operation, the TP1750 is built with minimum components for easy strip down and product changeovers. The unique modular pump mechanism can be fitted with an interchangeable butterfly or lost movement piston depending on product viscosity, allowing delicate food products to flow totally unrestricted. 40"x40" frame with 4" inlet for Euro buggies with 2" discharge with the height of 72". Built 2011.

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