Blentech Blender, jacketed, hollow flight & injection. 2012 with Blentech Dumper

  • Manufacturer: Blentech
  • Model: DM-28120-JDH
  • Item #: 19923
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Twin Screw steam jacketed blender with hollow screw agitators, in addition to direct steam injection. Counter rotating shafts for peak blending action. Double door discharge and reversing agitator for fast unloading. Designed for rapid heating for self leveling products such as soups, sauces, or any type of rapid heating of liquid type products with suspended particulates. Blender has 28" dia augers x 10' long x 57" wide mixing area, National Board #517, 75 psi @ 320 degree F. Overall dimensions 13'5" long x 7' wide x 14' tall. Dual gear reduced drives with starter controls. Blender includes all steam controls and connections. All stainless steel construction with gasket lid split for ingredient loading area. This unit includes Blentech Vat Dumper, HD120, 52" x 44" deep platform, overall 90" x 74" x 140" h. hydraulic power pack included.

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