Blentech VersaWok Industrial Blender/Cooker; Md#VW-42096

  • Manufacturer: Blentech
  • Model: VW-42096
  • Item #: 19514
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The Blentech VersaWok is a single agitator horizontal thermal oil heated industrial wok which is ideal for high temperature stir-frying of products. A single hybrid segmented paddle-ribbon agitator horizontally mixes product in multiple directions with vertical tossing action with high temperature compatible scraper material thereby creating authentic stir-frying. Unit has scrape surface agitation. The model VW-42096-C has a working volume of 81 SQF (2320L). The volume for stir-fry is 49 SQF (1392L). This Versa Wok is in like new condition.
The overall dimensions of the cooker is: 114" wide, 52" deep and 111" high. FOB Lake City, PA.

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