Bridge Belt Flattener; Md#TR-30/P

  • Manufacturer: Bridge
  • Model: TR-30/P
  • Item #: 19802
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The TR Series Flattener is specifically designed to efficiently flatten product continuously inline. The flattener will expand products immensely to create a more even surface. High-quality, heavy-duty rollers provide continuous flattening and are easily adjustable using hand wheels for promoting uniform cooking times and for batter and breading lines. This exceptional machine adds considerable value to your production by dramatically reducing product thickness by up to 50% in a single pass!
• USDA accepted
• Stainless steel T-304 construction
• Inline continuous flow design
• Approximately 50′ per minute belt speed
• Top and bottom belts provide uniform flattening
• Twelve sets of heavy-duty rollers provide continuous flattening
• Four hand wheels provide easy belt height adjustment
• Safety guarding over flattening rollers
• Safety interlocks on guards
• Removable neoprene belting
• Lightly textured belt to hold product in place during flattening process
• Complete controls with Allen Bradley components
• Self-contained hydraulic drive
• Variable-speed operation
• Portable
• Glass bead-blast frame
• Polished finish on access panels
The belt width is 30" and is 480V, self-contained hydraulic. FOB Lake City, PA.

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