Busch Oil-Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump; Md#RAO400-B033-1102, 460 volt

  • Manufacturer: Busch
  • Model: RAO400-B033-1102
  • Item #: 17428
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Modular designed Busch oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump is single stage, air-cooled (requiring no water), and direct driven (no belts or gears). It features a simple design for easy installation and low maintenance, quiet and continuous operation, and easy exhaust filter change. it has TEFC motor, NPT inlet, exhaust pressure gauge, anti-suckback valve, built-in exhaust filter, non-metallic and non-asbestos vane, vibration isolators, automotive type spin-on oil filter, and oil level sight glass. 15 HP motor. The nominal pumping speed is 305 ACFM, 330 CFM free air displacement, .5 Torr ultimate pressure, 1150 RPM motor rotational speed, and 14 quart oil capacity. FOB Sandwich, IL

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