Carruthers Auto Shredder; Md#SH20001

  • Manufacturer: Carruthers
  • Model: SH20001; serial number 20051
  • Item #: 20011
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Direct drive for increased efficiency and longer life. All mechanisms (auger, main spindle, drum, pre-break, and shredding cage) function via the shredder’s direct drive for increased efficiency and a longer wear life. The Auto-shredder also utilizes a pre-break system that serves as both a product metering device and initial size reduction tool. Variable frequency drive speed control for greater product flexibility. A broader range of shredded meat types result from the ability to precisely control the speed of all the machine’s mechanisms. Features easier cleanability and superior hygiene. A retractable drum, quick release radials and flight rods as well as a removable draft shaft and auger provides easy access to the machine’s components for improved sanitation and better hygiene. Constructed of stainless steel, the machine also features a number of angled surfaces and reduced hollow zones for improved water run off to prevent microbial buildup.

Motors Drive shaft 3-hp

Drum drive 1/2-hp

Auger drive 1-hp

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