CMP Batteries LTD Battery Charger;Md#FLX20012600T1H

  • Manufacturer: CMP Batteries LTD
  • Model: FLX20012600T1H
  • Item #: 17933
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The CMP Batteries Ltd FLX200 battery chargers are fan cooled, solid state, microprocessor controlled, SCR regulated chargers designed to make battery charging simple. They are factory set to charge flooded lead-acid batteries, but an upgrade can be purchased from a GNB Industrial Power service representative to enable the charger to service ELEMENT valve regulated lead-acid batteries. The charger has a comprehensive self-checking diagnostic program to control all charger functions, monitor the quality of charge and check its own safety conditions. Large easy to read

LEDs, two button keypad and LED display report on the charger and battery status.

The unit is 208/240/480V, 3Ph, 60Hz. FOB Lake City, PA.

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