Cryovac Old Rivers Rotary Vacuum Packager; Md#8620-14

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  • Model: 8620-14
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Product Description

Rotary chamber vacuum machine that tackles sanitation concerns of processors in the ready-to-eat market and is ideal for vacuum packaging poultry, fresh, smoked, and processed red meat, and cheese. The unit has eight (8) rotary sealing chambers( Only 5 sealing heads) with straight seal bars and is complete with stainless steel clippings trim vac. It features:

Speeds up to 60 cycles per minute

Can handle bag widths up to 14"
Max. Product Size: 6" H x 10" W x 16" L
Dual seal wires
Machine-mounted soft discharge system
Standard 4 ft. discharge conveyor
System status readout and fault monitoring
Convenient automatic central lubrication system
Dual 3 mm wide impulse seal ribbon
Advanced models that automatically vacuum package food products in Cryovac bags
Developed according to American Meat Institute (AMI) and National Sanitation Federation guidelines
The only system designed to meet the 10 AMI strict sanitary guidelines for day-to-day cleaning and inspection
Stainless steel components and fasteners eliminate corrosion and simplify sanitation and cleaning efforts
A fully automatic central lubrication system ensures all critical wear components are properly lubricated at all times
The unit is 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz. FOB Lake City, PA.

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