Daniels Food Equipment, Vacuum Tumbler, 2000# capacity Md# DVTS-2000 NEW

Product Description

Daniels Food Equipment 2000 pound capacity vacuum tumbler. All stainless steel construction, unit uses 5 Hp hydraulic drive, drum speed 0-16 RPM. Electronic controls: Vacuum On-Off, Timer-On/Off, tumble-On/Off, Forward/Reverse. Vacuum pump is 1 1/2 Hp. Total electrical: 15 amp, 230 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase. Overall dimensions: 130" long x 76" wide x 87" high. Maximum capacity is 2600 Lbs.

Tumbler Controls: Variable speed control, 16 RPM max, Forward and Reverse, Tumbler Lift and Lower, Tachometer, Hour meter, Vacuum Gauge. Tumbler drive is hydraulic.

Timer: Minutes and Hours up to 99 Hours.

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