Formax Former; Md#F-400

  • Manufacturer: Formax
  • Model: F-400
  • Item #: 19555
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The Formax F-400 former assures accurate filling and consistent weight and is available in user-friendly touch screen control.
Product is fed to the pump box. Feed screws, timed alternately “on and off” eliminate tumbling or overworking and preserve texture.
Accepts cold, highly extended or sticky formulations without bridging. The hopper has a 500 pound (226 kilos) capacity.
The hydraulic compression system precisely controls product flow of each filling cycle, assuring accurate fills and consistent weight control.
Single horizontal plunger covers entire mold plate, and operates one-on-one for large volume patties, or several fillings for smaller patties and nuggets. Conveniently located dial and pressure gauge make it easy to adjust forming pressure from 20-230 PSI (1.4-15.8 Bar) for accuracy.
Independent of the hydraulic forming systems, the mold plate drive’s 7.5 HP (5.5 KW) motor powers the F•400 to variable speeds of 15 to 70 strokes per minute. Mold plates from 1/8” x (3mm) thru 1” (25mm) thickness can be used.
A lift system raises the mold cover allowing the mold plate and knock-out cup assemblies to be changed quickly and easily.
Sealed stainless steel cabinets are equipped with a blower to reduce humidity and control temperature. Feed screws are removable for easy
clean-up. A single person can easily remove parts and prepare for sanitation.

Typical Throughput: 2,100 lbs/hour | 950 kgs/hour
Line Width: 15.8 in | 400mm
Speed: 15-70 strokes/min
Forming Style: Slide-plate
Quick and easy tooling changeovers
Broad spectrum of product applications
Hygienically-friendly design
High speed mold plate drive
Product Applications
Ground, Formed and Portioned Products
Protein Alternatives
Pet Food, Treats and Pharma

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