GEA/CFS Slicer; Md#Mega-Slicer S

  • Manufacturer: GEA
  • Model: Mega-Slicer S
  • Item #: 19648
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The high performance CFS MegaSlicer covers a wide range of applications and has a capacity of up to 8,000 slices/minute by multiple log slicing and a maximum throat size of up to 440 x 180 mm. Slicer is designed around the subject hygiene, which has resulted in the product zones of a CFS slicer being located in a separate position in drive zone.
Slices products up to a length of 1850 mm
Slices and portions raw and cooked sausage or ham, bacon, meat, cheese products
Handles a wide variety of portion forms, shingled, stacked, pieces, shaved, folded, etc.
Portion completion functionality
The slicer was manufactured in 2015 and includes a blade sharpener, model GEA KSM 80E.
Blade Size: 440mm
Max RPM: 600/750
Max. Usable Throat Size: 163x380mm
Max. Product Length: 1200mm
Loading: Manual
Power: 15.5 KW
Compressed Air: 6 bar

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