GNB Industrial Power Battery Charger; Md#SCR20018865T1H

Product Description

The GNB family of SCR battery chargers uses precise electronic control to maximize battery life and minimize the battery recharge time required. Designed to provide flexibility, the SCR200 charger has the capability to charge GNB Flooded Classic Flat Plate, GNB Flooded Classic Platinum Heavy Duty Flooded Flat Plate, Element VRLA, Tubular-LM Low Maintenance Flooded Tubular Plate, and Tubular-HP High-Performance Flooded Tubular Plate batteries with simple setting adjustments.

The SCR200 charger includes features such as automatic start/stop, dV/dt charger termination, backup timers, delay start, LED display, and adjustable gassing voltage (required for cold storage applications).

The SCR200 8-hour charger is the ideal charger for all battery types. The unit is 208/240/460V, 3Ph, 60Hz. FOB Lake City, PA.

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