Insinger Tray Washer; Automatic Double Tank; Md#TRAC 321-2 RPW

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  • Model: TRAC 321-2 RPW
  • Item #: 20070
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Product Description

The Insinger automatic double tank tray washer has the following features:

Automatic conveyor, double tank tray washer with recirculating pre-wash, wash and fresh water final rinse.
248 gallons/hour final rinse consumption
Capacity is 528 trays per hour (based on a 15” tray); with 17" high clearance. 6' of travel thru the washer

Tank heat: 15 kW electric immersion heater or steam injector
Capillary thermometers for wash and rinse
In-line thermometer for final rinse
Vacuum breaker on all incoming water lines
Manifold clean-out brush
Vents with adjustable damper controls
SureFire® Start-Up & Check-Out Service
Single point electrical connection: motor, controls and tank heat (Booster requires a separate connection)
Inspection doors
S/S frame, legs and feet
S/S front enclosure panel
Automatic tank fill
Low water protection
Detergent connection provision
Top mounted NEMA 12 control panel
Simplified scrap screen design
Door safety switch
Standard frame drip proof motors
Override switch for de-liming
End caps/pipe plugs secured to prevent loss

The washer is 480V with two (2) 2HP motors. FOB lake City, PA.

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