Kliklok Automatic End Load Cartoner w/Labeler; Md#Captain 200

  • Manufacturer: Kliklok
  • Model: Captain 200
  • Item #: 19528
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Kliklok Cartoner, Md #Captain 200 is a fully automatic, end load cartoner with Label Aire Labeler; Md#3114-1500 RH.
The Captain 200 is a mid-range, continuous motion, end-load cartoner. The capacity of the cartoner is 200 packages per minute when operating on 9" flights. It has a welded stainless steel frame and all components are wash-down rated.
The Kliklok rotary feeder provides positive carton set-up.
A smooth running UHMW barrel-cam inserted provides controlled product loading.
Multiple sensors detect product or carton abnormalities. If any exists, the system adjusts to prevent material waste and malfunctions.
Adjustable chain product in-feed and transfer conveyors provide packaging flexibility.
Kwikshift carton change adds to the flexibility and allows fast, efficient changeover.
The unit is 230V, 3 phase. FOB Lake City, PA.

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