Kliklok Servo-Driven High Speed Rotary Endloader Cartoner; Md# Servo-HSR, 250 CPM

  • Manufacturer: Kliklok
  • Model: Servo-HSR
  • Item #: 17950
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Kliklok-Woodman introduces the Servo HSR horizontal cartoner that feeds, erects, conveys, loads, and closes end-load sleeve style cartons with automatic product insertion. Features include a comprehensive servo-drive system with industry-standard nonproprietary controls for maximum flexibility and rapid product setup and size recall to achieve near instantaneous size changeovers. The 3-head rotary carton feeder erects cartons from a powerful horizontal carton magazine in the direction of carton flow to provide a maximum degree of smoothness reliability and speed (Up to 250cpm.)

Other features:

Pitch flights of 9" (Length of opening: 55-160mm, Width of opening: 20-90mm, and Depth of opening: 110-305mm)
Barrel-cam piston inserter
Powered carton hopper
Full-featured user-friendly graphical color touchscreen
Centerilzed lubrication system
No product/No carton sensing
Product over height sensing and abort
There is no glue system

The unit is 230V, 3Ph, 60Hz. FOB Lake City, PA.

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