Koppens Breader; Triple Flip; Md#PRM 400 MFP

  • Manufacturer: Koppens
  • Model: PRM 400 MFP
  • Item #: 19858
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Koppens PRM 400 16"W breading machine 38"W 150"L 68"H
The Koppens PRM-MFP preduster is fitted with outfeed conveyor with flat product take-over, ideal for fragile products such as formed products, chicken tenders, and fish fillets. The products are positioned immediately on a thick layer of flour. The top layer is applied from the hopper situated above. A sieve in the hopper applies an equal spread of flour over the product. The products pass through a long flour bed so that the flour sticks properly to the product. At the end of the flour bed the product is transferred to the flat outfeed section. Excess flour is removed from both the top and bottom of the products by special, controlled blower system that provides minimum dust escape in the production area. A filter system automatically removes larger lumps from the flour. The breader comes with the flip attachment.

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