M-Tek Corr-Vac Vacuum Packager w/Gas Flush; Md#Mark IV

  • Manufacturer: M-Tek Corr-Vac
  • Model: Mark IV
  • Item #: 19556
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, also known as M.A.P. packaging equipment, is at the heart of everything M-TEK stands for. We preserve and protect and extend the shelf life of your products.
100% stainless steel and FSMA, FDA, & USDA compliant.
Seal bars 54" long, vacuum is supplied via Piiab pump, Hot-bar or impulse sealing, two hand controls, Flexible probes reduces damage and
extends life. Floor mount, optional casters, or unit can hang over conveyor.
Applications can include
Vacuum and gas flush cases extends shelf life of proteins
Vacuum followed by (2) gas flush mix extends shelf life and product color of red-meats
Gas flush any product that degrades in atmosphere

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