MasoSine Pump; Md#MR-135

  • Manufacturer: Masosine
  • Model: MR-135
  • Item #: 19955
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

MasoSine's MR pump satisfies demanding processing requirements cost-effectively, using the unique MasoSine pumping principle.
Design advantages
• Powerful suction even for viscous products
• Low pulsation for smooth, consistent flow
• Low-shear action does not damage fragile and shear-sensitive fluids
• Wearing parts easily replaced on site
• Holds 3-A Sanitary Standards authorization
Typical applications
• Cheese, curds and whey, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt
• Fruit concentrates, syrups, beer, wort, yeast
• Batter, frosting, fillings, slurries
• Soups, stews, deli salads
• Chocolate, caramel, fruit fillings
The all stainless steel pump has a 10HP; 230/460V motor along with mounted 230V VFD with SEW Eurodrive, and 3" sanitary inlet/outlet. The pump has 1740 rpm.with 7.74:1 gearbox ratio. FOB Lake City, PA.

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