Rademaker Mohno Pump Depositor

  • Manufacturer: Rademaker
  • Model: Monho
  • Item #: 19937
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The Mohno pump depositor is for those in search of speed, accuracy and flexibility when it comes to a wide range of fillings, he says. Each lane of a Mohno pump Depositor is individually driven and can be shut off or adjusted per lane. Filler can be set up as a
depositors into a no-product/ no-fill system, reducing waste, expensive filling or time cleaning up. This machine is extremely gentle on fillings with particulates in it. Unit has jacketed hopper for water circulation. This is a (4) lane depositor with servo controls on each lane. Unit is used in good working condition. Built 2003, weight 690 KG, power is 480 volt unit has transformer from OEM.

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