Reiser Sheeting Head, 12″ & 8″ width

  • Manufacturer: VEMAG
  • Model: BB-343-04-D
  • Item #: 19863
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Reiser sheeting head with two choices of width. Rotary knife for 8" wide and 12" wide sheeting. This unit is attached to existing Vemag Stuffer. Stuffer must have communication port and connection for 3" port. Stuffer is not included. This offer is only the Vemag Sheeting assembly.
Reiser's Rotary Sheeter attachment extrudes smooth, uniform sheets of doughs or fats with consistent thickness and width. For panning applications, equip the attachment with a rotary cut-off device to ensure clean, even edges with no mess. The Rotary Sheeter produces portions of exact weight and size and deposits into pans corner-to-corner. Depositing precise and consistent portions onto moving lines is easily accomplished. It is the perfect solution for continuous brownie sheeting. The Rotary Sheeter can also extrude continuous sheets of product onto a make-up line.
Rotary sheeter extrudes smooth, uniform sheets of fats or dough with consistent thickness and width
Produces portioned sheets of product for panning or continuous sheets of product for make-up lines
Ideal for extruding doughs, fats, toppings and batter.

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