RMF Hydraulic Vat Dumper; Md#110, 6′ Dump Height

  • Manufacturer: RMF
  • Model: 110
  • Item #: 19506
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Refurbished RMF model 110 vat dumper with frame construction lifts and pivots the load within the dumper's base, greatly reducing frame stress. A single hydraulic cylinder located at floor level lifts and pivots the load.
- One cylinder lifting and tilting requires less maintenance that one lifting and two tilting. (Current cylinder is Epoxy coated - will be replaced with Stainless steel.
- One cylinder at floor level keeps hoses and fitting at floor level, not above your product zone where they could contaminate.
The dumper is hydraulic and the max capacity is 3000Lbs. The dump height is 6' high and the platform is 40"x 56". FOB Lake City, PA.

Unit will be complete with power pack and all hoses and connections. Unit will be in good working condition and ready for installation.

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