Seydelmann Vacuum Cooking/Cooling Bowl Cutter; Md#K324U-Va

  • Manufacturer: Seydelmann
  • Model: K324U-Va
  • Item #: 19983
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

All stainless steel vacuum steam cooking and cooling bowl cutter has a capacity of 325Liters (650Lbs) with loader/ unloader, and Allen Bradley PanelView 550 PLC control. This unit is the Ultra type with 3-speeds, which saves time by cooking and chopping in one operation. Built-in cooling system to cool rapidly down after heating before adding product for better binding. This process gives up to 10% gain of substance due to complete preservation of taste, aroma, and protein which otherwise are boiled out.
Practically germfree by hermetical cooking, therefore longer shelf-life and emulsion much more stable because of hot emulsfying of meat, fat, and water. Avoids fat separation, making use of massaging machines unnecessary.
Chopping under vacuum produces a firmer emulsion without air pockets, and reduces the volume by 5-7% which saves casings and package costs. The firmer emulsion does not let sinews and hard particles escape the knives, so the mixture is extremely fine. Better protein release increases moisture and fat bondage and emulsion stability. The airfree emulsion reddens faster, brighter, and more durably. The taste of the finished product keeps better because of the fat oxidation is reduced.
The electrical of this chopper has been upgraded to PLC and solid state controls all mounted in remote stainless steel panel. Operator interface uses a PanelView PLC. The chopper includes mix motor.

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