Stein Drum Breader; Md#DB-4

  • Manufacturer: FMC/Stein
  • Model: DB-4
  • Item #: 19855
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Stein DB-4 barrel breader w/24" barrel 52"W 142"L 84"H
Stein drum breader model DB-4, all stainless steel frame and poly tumbling drum. Used for pre-dusting and breading a wide variety of products. The DB-4 can apply a uniform layer of flour or free-flowing breading to any product that can tolerate a gentle tumbling action. This type of coating is useful for irregular products that are hard to coat on a flat surface breader. Product is fed into tumbling drum via 11" wide incline conveyor and dropped into the rotating drum. This drum is 24" polyethylene on 4 friction wheels for rotation. Drum is tilted for gentle tumbling and product is discharged by 14" wide, 4' long conveyor. Breading is fed into drum by a vertical auger. Production capacity range from 4,000# per hour on chicken parts to 1,500# on shrimp procuts. Flour capacity 50 to 200#. All hydraulic operation and no power pack included.

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