Townsend Derinding Skinner; Md#SK-15-320

  • Manufacturer: Marel Townsend
  • Model: SK-15-320
  • Item #: 19905
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

The Townsend SK 15-320 Derinding Skinner is a conveyorized skinner used for heavy applications to remove the skin or fat from flat meat like heavy beef, cow meat, and pork products without loss of valuable meat.

Like other Townsend Skinners, this machine is very versatile and can be used on a variety of products and species. The SK 15-320 is the perfect skinner for any operation.

Spring force adjustments on top-feed allows this machine to be dialed in for optimal performance
Cabinet is “line bored” for perfect alignment between tooth roll and skinning mechanism
Open conveyor frame for easy cleaning
Shoe can remain on the machine during sanitation helping to prevent damage
Easy lockdown for the top feed cylinders and spring cartridges
Adjustable height exit conveyor makes the SK 15-320 ideal for a multitude of line layouts
Maintenance is easy due to the accessibility of the electrical, air and drive systems
Built-in storage for all removable parts
Blade clamp and hold-down pins manufactured as one piece
Single drive belt for easier maintenance
The unit is 230V, 3 phase. FOB Lake City, PA.

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