Wolf Spezialmaschinen GMBH Candy Chocolate Decorator DECO DW1600 with Holding Tank

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Product Description

The Type DW-C is the most sold version and includes a control cabinet with PLC control. The control system applies the settings for the pattern and the individual speeds of the X/Y axis using servo motors and sensors monitor the position. Special patterns can be saved in the system with names and changed at any time during operation. The machine stops briefly, makes the appropriate adjustments and then restarts. A tremendously convenient solution for retrieving stored parameters for a pattern in just a few steps. Due to the servo motors, the
All versions, our heated nozzle tube with nozzle cleaning is provided. The cleaning system is controlled pneumatically and works in a fraction of a second to remove any dirt from the nozzles. The settings for the cleaning cycle and heating are located in the control cabinet for the decorator. Also included is the Wolf Holding Tank, with gear pump, 200 KG/Hour.

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