Wolf-Tec/Schroder Injector; Md#IMAX 620

  • Manufacturer: Wolf-tec
  • Model: IMAX 620
  • Item #: 19908
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Description

IMAX injectors, designed and manufactured with German precision, have become the industry standard for performance, consistency, and reliability. IMAX remains your best solution for all bone-in and boneless injection and marinating applications with injection rates of 3% to 100% and production capacities of up to 40,000 lbs./hour. The sanitary design of the IMAX allows it to be cleaned up to six times faster than other injectors proven in customer evaluations. Industry exclusive patented designs and features provide increased performance and yield benefits to keep you ahead of your competition. Our patented needle feed system ensures trouble-free injection, even with the most viscous brine solutions. The exclusively designed brine path and “multi-point” needle manifold entry system allow for the fastest, most effective and exact brine delivery available to your product.
Proven and reliable electro/mechanical drive system
Allen Bradley Controls
Brine temperature and pressure monitoring
Independent inverters to control pump and head speed
Easy and quick needle removal
Conveyor Belt product transport for optimum sanitation
Exclusive external brine path and pump for complete sanitation
Rinse in place at the touch of a button
The unit is 440V and built in 2001. No brine tank included. FOB Lake City, PA.

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