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Food Processing Equipment Auctions

Equipment Exchange Company (EEC) offers both live and web based simulcast food processing equipment auction services for our clients.

An auctions is a highly effective selling tool that can be used to liquidate equipment in an efficient manner. This is a popular method as the bidders are responsible for determining the selling price. The more bidders there are for a given item, the higher the potential return will be for the seller.

EEC's equipment auction service is normally reserved for offerings of multiple food processing machinery.

Auction capabilities:

  • Our live and simulcast auction services reach out to over 10,000 food producers in North America, Mexico, Central America and globally.
  • Our auction marketing efforts allow for maximum coverage of the specific food industry area applicable to the equipment being offered.
  • We will provide a defined timeline on equipment sale completion as well as clearing of all items being offered.

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Our top quality refurbished equipment is the economical choice. Save money and invest it into the business!

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OEM lead time costing you money? Used or refurbished may be a quick solution to your equipment needs.

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Refurbished equipment is offered ready to install. Once payment is confirmed & equipment is ready, EEC will assist in providing options for quick shipping.

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With over 35 years of experience, our Experts can and will strive to answer all your questions and expectations.

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