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Used Food Processing Equipment: In-Stock Batter And Breading Machines

Equipment Exchange takes pride in providing the best reconditioned used bakery equipment-from smokehouse AMFAR mixers–we carry a vast array of used food processing equipment. Our inventory covers a large array of equipment to aid in the batter, breading, and bakery processes. Conveyor equipment, vat dumpers, mixers, grinders, kettles, slicers, and much more can all be found here; including the secondary equipment to help keep everything running such as pumps, tanks, and scales. 

Aside from the food processing side of the equipment, we also offer a variety of packaging equipment to help get your product form the assembly line right to the shelves without skipping a beat. As mentioned above, we carry all sorts and sizes of conveyors and conveyor attachments, but also have many box tappers, case tapers, and sealers, carton formers, and case pickers in-stock too. We carry all the trusted and familiar brands to help build on to your existing systems or replace a piece of equipment. From Formax food processing equipment to used Multivac machines, we have it all! 

We aim to be your full-service food processing equipment dealer to help in running your operation and are very knowledgable in all things food equipment machinery. please browse our vast array of brands and different types of use bakery equipment. Also, feel free to review all the food processing equipment we have in our warehouse that is over 30,000 square feet plus additional equipment we supply from off-site locations. Knowledge is everything in this industry, and we have a lot of it after being in the business for over 40 years. We specialize in the sale, purchase, liquidations, auction. and appraisal of used food processing equipment. Below are some different types of food processing equipment we offer here ar Equipment Exchange.  

Please give us a call or use the chat feature on our website to ask us any questions or to request a quote!

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