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Used Food Processing Equipment: In-Stock Blenders / Mixers

Equipment Exchange carries an extensive line of refurbished blenders that are specifically designed for large-batch food processing. One of the main tasks in the mixing and blending operation, which other food processing steps also share, is to establish consistency. Whether a food product requires small-scale mixing by hand or high volume blending of multiple ingredients, at-home cooks and process engineers alike, know the importance of proper mixing. Equipment Exchange acquires good used dual paddle and ribbon blenders/ Using our experience and knowledge of years of refurbishing we re-manufacture these units with refurbished agitator assemblies, new pneumatic and electrical including safety interlock systems. Complete and ready to run meat, poultry or any blended products. Ranging anywhere from a 1,000# to a 5,000# or more, we supply a variety of mixers and blenders from leading manufacturers like Blentech, FPEC, Mepaco, and A-One. We also have new Daniels blenders available for sale from the 100# range to the 700# Quad mixer for smaller applications.   

Learn more about our Used Blenders or Mixers and choose the best unit to suit your needs. Meet your food processing needs by simply clicking on the products below. If you need any assistance, feel free to call our food processing equipment experts at 814-774-088 or contact us.

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